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Analysis of advantages and disadvantages of Internal rate of return

Internal rate of return (Internal Rate of Return)Bingoshowdownfreetickets2022IRR) is an important index in the evaluation of investment projects, and its core idea is to compare the difference between the actual income of the investment project and the investment cost. However, IRR is not perfect, it has some advantages and disadvantages. This paper will make a detailed analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of IRR in order to help investors make better use of this index to make investment decisions.


1. Intuitive and easy to understand: IRR is expressed as a percentage, so that investors can directly understand the return level of the investment project. Higher IRR means stronger profitability of investment projects, which is helpful for investors to select projects.

two。 Considering time value: the time value of capital is fully taken into account in the process of IRR calculation, that is, the cash flow of different time nodes has different value. This enables IRR to more accurately reflect the real returns of investment projects.

3. Wide applicability: IRR is suitable for all types of investment projects, whether it is real estate, stocks, bonds or other financial products, can be evaluated by IRR. This makes IRR an important tool for investors to choose among many investment projects.


1. Multiple solution problem: in some special cases, the cash flow of an investment project may lead to multiple IRR values, in which case it is difficult for investors to judge the pros and cons of the project.

two。 Non-traditional project evaluation is difficult: for investment projects with irregular cash flow or non-linear changes, the calculation of IRR may become complex and inaccurate, resulting in misleading investors when using IRR for evaluation.

3. Ignore the project size: IRR only pays attention to the rate of return of the investment project, but ignores the impact of the project size on the return of investors. In the actual investment process, investors need to comprehensively consider the project size and rate of return, in order to achieve the best investment portfolio.

Case analysis

bingoshowdownfreetickets2022|. What are the advantages and disadvantages of the internal rate of return? - Analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the internal rate of return

In order to better understand the advantages and disadvantages of IRR, we can analyze it through the following cases. Suppose investors are faced with the choice of two investment projects:

Project cash flow (ten thousand yuan) Project A-100,50,60,60 Project B-100,40,40,40,60

Through the calculation, we get that the IRR of project An is 18.72% and the IRR of project B is 15.47%. However, the total revenue of project An is 1.9 million yuan and that of project B is 2.2 million yuan. This shows that the project evaluation based solely on IRR may ignore the actual income level of the project.

To sum up, as an investment project evaluation index, IRR has the advantages of being intuitive and easy to understand, considering time value and wide applicability, but it also has some shortcomings such as multiple solutions to problems, difficulties in non-traditional project evaluation and ignoring project scale. When using IRR to make investment decisions, investors should fully understand its advantages and disadvantages, and combine other investment evaluation tools and indicators to achieve the best investment results.


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