slotstars| [Research Express] Youcai Resources received surveys from many institutions such as Western Profits Fund

Nature 2024-05-16

Lottery Resources released the news on May 15.SlotstarsOn May 15, the company received a number of research institutions such as the Western profit Fund, Dai Mengxi, secretary of the board of directors and general manager of the reception staff, Gao Ye, representative of securities affairs, and the reception venue was online in the conference room.

The main contents of the investigation

1. I would like to ask the leaders of the company that the production and sales rate of the company is very high. From the recently disclosed report, we can see that the capacity utilization rate is basically full or even more than 100%. In what aspects should the downstream demand be reflected?SlotstarsWhat are the industries in which downstream demand is growing rapidly in the past 24 years? AnswerSlotstarsPolyester fiber has a wide range of uses and is closely related to people's daily life. Downstream applications range from clothing, home textiles and furniture to automobiles, high-speed railways and airplanes. The demand structure is scattered and stable. 2...

slotstars| [Research Express] Youcai Resources received surveys from many institutions such as Western Profits Fund

List of reception objects

Institutional investigation and return test

In addition to that day, Lottery Resources received a total of 83 surveys from 58 institutions in the past year, and the survey results of the last ten announcement days are shown in the following table.Slotstars:

Institutional investigation and return test in the past year

Note: 1. In this paper, the excess rate of return is calculated by the market adjustment model, with the Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 index as the benchmark index, the excess rate of return = real rate of return-benchmark rate of return; 2. "nearly one year" means nearly one year up to the date of the latest announcement.

Market organization research

On May 15, Industrial USI, Guansheng, Tom Cat, China Control Technology and other companies have issued institutional research announcements one after another, the details are as follows:

A Survey of institutions in Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Market

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